Memory of “Grey World”

My Friend

Tekan from BT


My Friend
the one who always besides me
when I celebrate a moment
when I’m in paradise
even when I’v got an accident

My Friend
someone I can talk to
teaching me know what’s real
from what is not

it’s you my friend
when I was standing alone
against the world out side
you give me the will to survive
you make me stranger that rock

it’s you my friend
the only one can hear my tears
can see my cry in night
and said “don’t worry, I’m here for you”
“’cause I’m your friend”


that’s what a friend are for
to praised what you did
when every body said that’s wrong

that’s what a friend are for question
to said yes for every you ask
without asking why

that’s what a friend are for
to colour your day
when you were blue or even red

never said thank you
never said sorry
and never said good bye

masa SMA memang masa yang penuh “coba-coba”…
tapi “masa depan”…harus segera diraih…

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